The resale values of some houses these days are high in some areas. If you are selling your property, remodeling it beforehand can have a good return on investment. Those little changes that might not seem so obvious can have big impacts when it comes to reselling your house.


In hotter markets, doing some updates in your house will give as much return as its cost. Not unless it is in a rapidly...


When you are selling your home, its smell and odour also play an important in attracting buyers. Just like the look of your home, the fragrance factor should also be considered. Here are five smells that you should avoid as it could make your home into a stinker:


A lot of homeowners caulked, blown insulation, weather-stripped and sealed their homes for greener utility bills. Sure, this...


Home-buying is a challenging task. For you to be able to end up with your dream property and to avoid future issues, there are a number of factors that you have to take into account. Take note that when purchasing a real estate, it involves making a number of decisions which combine to address the essentials of a successful real estate ownership. For you to have a successful home-buying decision, here...


If you are planning to sell your house, some renovations might be needed in order to attract buyers. To make a sound decision, it is important to know which items will bring in the best ROI or return of investment. This year, renovation trends are geared toward the exterior of the home. The logic here might be simple: if buyers did not like by what they see when they drive up, they might lose interest...


Many home sellers these days visit online home valuation sites like Zillow and Trulia to find out the value of their properties. They are pleased when such values appear higher than what they expected. But a lot of instances, they are shocked when the value of their homes come in far lower.


You may wonder how these sites come up with valuations. For property taxing purposes, all property is ...

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