How to Buy a Presale Condo

If you’ve ever wondered how to buy a presale condo but have been intimidated by the unfamiliarity of the process, this how-to guide is for you. First-time homebuyers and individuals new to the presale or pre-construction condo market typically have many similar questions, all of which are straightforward and easy to answer. Once you’ve taken in the information below, you’ll know exactly...


Real Estate Sector hitting the top in Vancouver: Do people really want their own homes for now?

Above all, everyone requires their own space in this vast universe. However, it’s primarily a matter of time and money. According to recent statistics, an increasing number of people are renting houses nowadays. The reason is obvious. They don’t want to overpay.

In fact, owning a home has always been regarded as a symbol of wealth. Every single person who has purchased a home has taken a...

Moe Pourtaghi

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