First Time Renter? Avoid these 7 Deadly Sins!


One of life's big milestones: The First Apartment. 


It's a symbol of young adult life, of freedom from your parents, of complete reign over what and when you eat for dinner! But with this beacon of independence comes a list of things to be weary of. Don't be blinded by the excitement of the experience! Here are the 7 Deadly Sins of First Time Renters.


  1. Underestimating the Cost
    • How much can you afford to spend on housing?
    • Would you need a roommate or two? 
    • Start up costs!
      • application fee
      • security deposit 
      • first month's rent
      • deposit for electricity 
      • deposit for gas
      • cable and/or telephone fees
      • parking space fee
    • Monthly bills (gas, electricity, water, garbage)
    • Set up a budget to keep it all in check! 
  2. Not Having Your Priorities Straight
    • Separate your wants from your needs
    • Know your deal breakers 
    • Understand that your first apartment won't be perfect 
    • Know what to consider for a first apartment 
  3. Not Seeing the Apartment before Moving In
    • Visualize how your furniture will fit 
    • Estimate if your couch can fit through the door way 
    • Bring a measuring tape!
    • Turn faucets/flush toilets
    • Check light switches
    • Check appliances 
    • Look at surrounding area (sights, smells, sounds)
    • Check for damage 
    • Make a list of pre-moving in dings and scratches to hand to your landlord 
  4. Failing to Read the Lease
    • Read it all the way through (regardless of how boring it is!) 
    • Underline what you don't understand
    • Keep an eye out for penalities
    • Don't be afraid to ask questions
  5. Not Asking About Utilities or Forgetting to Turn them On
    • Ask what utilities you are specifically required to pay/turn on
    • Find out what you'll have to take care of yourself
    • Know who to call and call them at least one week before moving in
  6. Going Without Renter's Insurance 
    • Very worthwhile in case of fire ect. 
    • Make a tally of valuable items in your apartment (clothes, tv, computer) 
    • Make sure you're covered 
  7. Forgetting Basic Home Items
    • Details, details, details
    • Seating, Bedding, Dressers
    • Find an apartment checklist to help you out 


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