Grasping the Big Picture of Home Buying

It's very easy for any home-buyer to become caught up in  the barrage of options, numbers and features that tend to come with each new listing they come across. New home buyers are especially at risk of being overwhelmed by it all. That heart stopping view might distract you from the lack of updated amenities necessary for a comfortable lifestyle. From my experience dealing with multiple houses on a daily basis, the best way to get a grasp of the big picture is to step back and simplify your wants and needs. Here's how I like to go about it. 


Step 1: Deciding How Much to Invest


Things to take into consideration

  • Your housing needs at the moment
  • What you might require of a house later down the road
  • How much you can afford
  • Whether to use real estate as a savings or an investment

Step 2: When to Buy


Things to take into consideration

  • Your personal situation
  • The rise and fall of the market
  • Lucrative loan options 
  • A professional's opinion 

Step 3: Listing What You Want in a Home


Things to take into consideration

  • type of housing: house / townhouse / condominium
  • number of bedrooms, bathrooms
  • price range (minimum / maximum)
  • Desired location (keep in mind that this will serve you in the long run if ever you decide to sell again)




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