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About Moe Pourtaghi

After 12 years of experience, Moe knows no two transactions are the same. And understanding the ins and out of real estate is the key to his unmatched negotiating skills.

Integrity, trust, and honesty are Moe’s top priorities when it comes to his business. Treating each of his clients as he would like to be treated by going above and beyond to not only see the transactions through but make sure you enjoy the process along the way.

He does this by ensuring each client has his undivided attention when working with them. tailoring every purchase and sale to enhance the outcome to your maximum benefit.

With a background in engineering, Moe has incredible problem-solving skills he applies to seemingly impossible transactions with enthusiasm.

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Client Reviews

Aida & Kevin
"We were trying to sell our house for many months - we worked with a few different agents and at the end, we were left disappointed. One day, we bumped into an old friend whom we had lost contact with for many years. We told her about our experience. She recommended Moe Pourtaghi to us. We got his contact information but we did not call him right away because we had lost hope in any realtors. Couple...
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"Moe, thank you for all your help. You really did do a great job on selling our house - less than 2 weeks in market ??? Way to go man!"
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Ali Mirzaie
"My wife and I are happy to live in our very first Canadian property with getting help from Moe. He is not only a professional realtor but an honest individual which is hard to find nowadays Our purchase may not have been as expensive as some of the lower mainland properties, but as a consumer, I felt well treated by him. He always answered our questions patiently and made sure we understand everything...
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"We just bought our very first home. This wouldn't have been possible without Moe's help. Thank you, Moe!"
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Ann & Piotr
"I would like to thank you, Moe Pourtaghi for helping us sell our house for such a great money - you are very caring, and extremely professional - you are also very honest with us - when my husband and I wanted to make some renovations in the house, you advised us that it was not needed and it would be a waste of money - we trusted you and today we are very happy that we did - You were totally right....
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"I must admit that both my wife and I are not very easy clients - we are very OCD, as some people say - but Moe’s patience helped us find the house we really wanted; a little more expensive than we were planning, but hey, it doesn't matter - we got what we have been wanting for years! Thank you, Moe!"
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Sophia Anne
"Professionalism, integrity, and care are just a few of the amazing qualities to expect when working with Moe Pourtaghi. I have no problem recommending Moe to anyone looking to buy or sell."
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"Moe had a unique combination of professionalism and warmth along with the knowledge of the market. I cannot recommend him highly enough"
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Sachal Gidwani
"We were first-time home buyers and had barely any knowledge about the market in Vancouver. Moe spoon-fed us every single piece of information that a buyer should know before, during and after buying our home. My wife would often say how lucky we are to have someone who is as resourceful as Moe for such an important decision of our life. Moe is as much a professional as he is a gentleman. Moe loves...
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